UK's Science and Technology Committee

Membership of the UK’s Science and Technology Committee has just been announced. Membership seems to be in line with emerging Government’s attitudes to science as it consists of eight male MPs and no women. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 16.30.24.jpg

Of those eight two appear to have some science background; Darren Jones has a degree in Human Bioscience and Graham Stringer as a degree in chemistry.  The latter member of the committee however, is also listed on the website of the Global Warming Policy Foundation as a Board Trustee.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation was established by Lord Nigel Lawson who is a notorious climate change skeptic.  It was indeed Lord Lawson who claimed on Radio-4 recently that there had been no increase in global temperatures over the last 10-years. The BBC came into a great deal of criticism over this.

It seems to me that government and science in the same sentence is rapidly heading towards being an oxymoron.