Science at the BAFTAs

So the 2015 BAFTAs were held last night. Amongst the glam and glitter and comments on who’s dress was the tightest fit, this year’s ceremony was a little unusual in that there were two films based on the lives of scientists. My congratulations to Eddie Redmayne who scooped the award for best actor for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in the Theory of Everything. My commiserations to Benedict Cumberbatch because the Alan Turin biopic, The Imitation Game didn’t get anything (oh well, that's show biz). Viewing figures topped 7.3 million and although this is the lowest number for four years, it’s still a lot of people. The Oscars are a few weeks away and viewing figures for this event are predicted to be 40 million or more.  Glitz, glamour and celebrities, obviously attracts a lot of attention. 

It’s a personal opinion I admit, but I just don’t see the point of awards for well-paid actors who make a living pretending to be people they are not. It just seems odd to me that Stephen Hawking was at the ceremony last night, but it’s the actor that get’s the award.

If there’s going to be a celebration of this type, then I’d prefer it to go like this.

Commentator: “And the winner in the physics category is …..,. (the camera pans across the tense faces of the nominees)….. Shuji Nakamura, for his groundbreaking work on blue light emitting diodes.” (Applause and whistles of congratulations from the audience)

Shuji Nakamura: “Wow, a Nobel Prize” (laughter from the audience). “Thank you so much (choking back the emotion) this is the best night of my life…”. (He holds the gold medal aloft to rapturous applause). “Figuring out the role of electron re-combination through electron holes in electroluminescence was challenging, but we managed to do it. I accept this award on behalf of the whole team at the University of California.”

The next day the press has the Nobel celebrations on page one with headlines that say “Blue Diode Gets the Prize”, “Nakamura’s Prize for Having the Blues” and “What was the Most Revealing Dress of the Nobels”.

I can dream but I suspect this will be no time soon.